Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve is the key ingredient in each of the three Chinese New Year cocktails

What better way to start the Year of the Snake than with a wee dram of scotch. Well, Johnnie Walker and three Singapore bars – The Tippling Club, Jigger & Pony and Nektar – have come up with three variations on this. Each bar is serving a specially created cocktail, developed with Johnnie Walker and featuring the Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve blended scotch. Available throughout February 2013, the three cocktails are Good as Gold (The Tippling Club); Liquid Luck (Jigger & Pony); and Lunar Harmony (Nektar). As you might guess, each one features ingredients appropriate to celebrating Chinese New Year but Johnnie Walker assures us that it is all a rather tasty affair.

Good as Gold at The Tippling Club, created by Zachary Connor de Git

“The Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve boasts a golden heritage of versatility, making it the perfect deluxe spirit to complement the Asian flavors and ingredients in these creative cocktails. It’s a drink made for life’s symbolic moments and we are excited to bring you these three serves that have been specially produced to toast to the Lunar New Year,” says MHD Singapore Johnnie Walker Brand Manager Lee Jak Tim.

Liquid Luck at Jigger & Pony, created by Gan Kwok Yee

Here are a few more details about the cocktails proper, which we gleaned from our own invitation to sample them. Good as Gold: 35ml Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve; 7.5ml Dom Benedictine; 10ml mirabelle plum liquer; 10ml methocel gomme; one dash Peychauds Bitters. Liquid Luck: 45ml Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve; 10ml amaretto; 10ml fino sherry; 5ml Grand Marnier. Lunar Harmony: 45ml Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve; 10ml vanilla gomme; two barspoons lotus seed paste; one pinch five spice powder; one egg yolk. 

Lunar Harmony at Nektar, created by Sufian bin Mahmoud

Johnnie Walker