Cronuts, the latest craze to attack Manhattan-ites, are a croissant-donut hybrid sure to send sugar-induced shivers down any dessert-lovers spine.

Dominique Ansel bakery, famed and extremely popular for selling aforementioned sugary treats, is used to people lining up for hours to pick up a cronut. They enforced a cronut order limit – six per customer – and there is no jumping the line or special requests – once they’re out, they’re out. Although cronuts have only been sold since May 10, they are incredibly popular and already have a fan following. The Dominique Ansel bakery estimates that in the morning, there is a two-hour wait limit, although according to the website if you arrive before 7.15am, you’ll probably get one.

Cronuts sell for $5, but there are some who are willing to pay much, much more – and do, thanks to the cronut black market. Taking advantage ofthe widespread obsession with these magical hybrids, scalpers are offering to wait in line, pick up two cronuts, and sell them to whoever offers the most money. Operating off Craigslist, the cronut black market re-sells cronuts for around $50!

This is one craze that refuses to die out. We wonder how long it will be before the novelty wears off. More importantly however, we wonder what it tastes like. Okay, now we want one. 

Dominique Ansel