Alright shutterbugs you are probably going to want to book a flight to Japan that is leaving as soon as possible. Unless of course you are already in Japan, then head down to the SOGO department store in Yokohama. That is where you can place an order for a soon-to-be-sold-out Leica X2 Yokohama Edition. Leica’s only making 30 units of these cameras and they scheduled to be released in July with a price tag of US$2780.

Based on Leica’s X2 model, and clad in lizard style leather the Leica X2 Yokohama Edition, is not just a pretty looking gadget. It packs a mean picture-taking punch too. The folks from Leica have endowed it with an APS-C sized newly developed CMOS sensor with 16.2 million pixels and the famous high-spec lens Leica ELMARIT-M f2.8/24mm ASPH – that is camera talk for a dash of ‘super’ mixed with splash of ‘cool’ mixed with a whole lot of ‘awesome’.

Moreover, each camera will come with its own shoulder strap and camera protector made from the same leather on the camera. Simply put, this leather clad bundle of joy looks like its going to be leicalicious.