Artcurial’s US$82,600 red, orange and pink colored Hermes Birkin

Parisian auction house, Artcurial, sold a red, orange and pink colored Hermes Birkin (named after British-born French actress and songstress, Jane Birkin), on May 21, for a record breaking US$82,600. This is highest amount ever achieved at an auction for a Birkin handbag. Or rather that is what Artcurial says.

US auctioneers, Heritage Auctions on the hand, quite adamantly, disputes Artcurial’s apparent record. Heritage Auctions challenged the record claim saying that it sold a red Birkin bag in December 2011 for US$203,150. Artcurial returned fire saying that Heritage Auctions’ red Birkin had a clasp which was encrusted with a diamond and thus cannot be considered for a like with like comparison.

Not about to take the Artcurial’s come-back laying down, Heritage Auctions countered saying that it had also auctioned off a grey Birkin bag in April with a palladium clasp for US$86,500. It kept on the offensive and said that it also sold other unspecified variations of Birkin bags for US$113,525, US$104,500 and US$95,600.

Should be interesting to see who comes out on top at the end of this bout, just as long as in does not end up in fisticuffs.

Heritage Auctions’ US$203,150 red Hermes Birkin (clasp encrusted with a diamond)



Heritage Auctions