Nespresso Maestria in red

Nespresso has just released two new machines for the milk froth-crazed crowd: Maestria and Gran Maestria. 

The design is modelled after barista machinery of yore, complete with round sexy curves and retro dials. The latter allows users to choose from five cup strengths, making it quite a nice departure from the usual one-touch functions.

The Maestria is equipped with a steam wand, which enables users to take a hands on approach in creating forth, as opposed to, say, the Latissima range. Those who are particular about their froths can look towards the Gran Maestria. Integrated with an Aeroccino 4 milk frother it allows you to create four different types of milk or milk froth: hot milk, cold milk, stiff hot milk forth and velvety hot milk froth.

Both machines are equipped with a 1.4L water tank and container that can hold up to 14 capsules. The Maestria is available in red while the Gran Maestria is available in dark grey titanium.

Nespresso Gran Maestria in dark grey titanium

Also hot is the launch of two limited edition capsules, both dubbed as odes to Italy. The Trieste is perfumed with creamy notes of chocolate and hazelnuts and clocks up a 9 on the Nespresso intensity scale. The Napoli, created from a blend of Arabica and Robusta beans, is bold and redolent with aromas of black tea leaves. It has an intensity level of 11 and is best enjoyed as an espresso or a ristretto.