Singapore Yacht Show 2013, which just ended, featured an impressive line-up of vessels, more than double the exhibitors than last year, an exciting line-up of events and parties and lots of high profile visitors. Many whom we talked to, feel that it has earned itself the right to be crowned the best boat show in the region. 

General manager of Premium Nautical, William Schick, seems to agree. He said, “This is the best and biggest crowd I have seen at any boat show in Singapore in the nine years since I arrived.”

Thousand of high, and ultra high net-worth individuals thronged the show over the four days. Besides Singapore, some of these individuals came from all over the region, namely China, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand. Quite a few showed interest in the boats featured at the show. Exhibitors reported promising discussions and added that they expect convert the interest into sales by the end of the week.

“In terms of the significance of the yacht show, and the quality of its exhibitors this year, there is little doubt that the Singapore Yacht Show is playing a very significant part in positioning Singapore as the South East Asia business hub for the international yachting and boating industry,” said managing director of Singapore Yacht Events, Andy Treadwell, regarding the overwhelming turnout at this year’s show.

The success of the show has led to the signing of an agreement between Singapore Yacht Events and Nansha Marina to extend the show into China. 

Singapore Yacht Show